Please GIVE to The Joel H. Ayala Endowed Latino/a Ministries Fund

Honoring an Ecumenical Legacy of Support to Latino/a Communities.

Please GIVE to The Joel H. Ayala Endowed Latino/a Ministries Fund image

Your generous gift will be a much-needed blessing to Latino/a families.

In spirit of the former Church of the New Covenant (CNC) and in loving memory of American Baptist pastor, Rev. Joel H. Ayala, this endowment will support work in three areas critical to the CNC historical mission: immigration of Latinos including undocumented persons, Latino/a education/scholarships/stipends, and Latinos/as with disabilities. The CNC was founded in 1983 by 12 laypeople and American Baptist pastor the Rev. Joel H. Ayala as a response to the deaths of 12 people from El Salvador who were fleeing the violence in their country. They succumbed to thirst and exposure while attempting to cross the Arizona desert.

The members of the new church committed to challenging all forms of injustice and oppression, helping families with immediate needs, finding school placement for children, and seeking employment opportunities.

Confronted by changing times, the congregation recently decided to close the church while establishing an effective way to continue its ministry with its tithing fruits of 40 years. After much research, it chose to partner with ABHMS in that effort by creating a $100,000.00 endowed fund. The goal is to increase the endowment to $500,000.00. Your gifts will help us meet and exceed this goal.