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Beyond the Stained-Glass Ceiling Endowment Fund

Equipping Black Female Pastors Leading Small Congregations

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ABHMS has historically addressed the existence of injustice, poverty, societal systemic change, and community transformation. In 2019, Restoration Ministries of Greater Cleveland Inc. established an endowed fund with ABMS to provide annual grants to African American female pastors yearly who serve congregations of 300 or fewer members as senior, solo pastor. Senior Pastor, Rev Christine A. Smith, herself once a struggling pastor, Smith points out that African American women in ministry are often called to economically depressed, small churches that are unable to pay a living wage.

Your gift to the Stained-Glass Ceiling endowed fund helps ABHMS to support, encourage and advocate for the well-being of black female pastoral leaders by helping to alleviate the economic challenges and related stress they face. Your gift helps to ensure that those who are called to serve are equipped to serve.